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Is it so hard to read on the right side?


I don’t get it. I really don’t. Is the Forum interface design not working?

For if I were to make a new topic, I’d immediately look at the right side blue panel that pops up flashing in my eyes to see if I’m duplicating, if it has already been discussed, and that’s after I’ve also searched the forum to see if it has been discussed or not.

Yet every time Fiverr goes to maintenance, or when there is a bug, or people can’t withdraw money, or they have a suggestion that has already been made several times, they just won’t look at the right blue side where it says “YOUR TOPIC IS SIMILAR TO…” :arrow_down:

And then you find yourself replying to 10 identical topics several times a day, linking and cross linking posts, flagging duplicates, cluttering the forum, making it hard to pick a search result from a hundred of identical topics, etc.

Sure, some may be OK with replying to each duplicate topic as it gets them extra :heart: , but when it happens too much, it starts to feel childish :smirk:

So why do people ignore that blue nagging panel on the right? I don’t get it.


I think it’s inevitable. It happens on every forum anywhere :confused: At least mods are quick to do something.

What’s the point of getting more :heart:?

Do I get more :dollar:? :smiley:


Yes, it happens on Forums where they ask to search for a topic and see if it has been discussed before posting a new one, and people may be lazy or don’t want to search, but on Discourse-based Forums like this one it also shows real-time duplicate results to go to and avoid duplicating, and still doesn’t seem to be working.


I know what you were trying to say. I just tried to politely say that people are dumb or just don’t care :stuck_out_tongue:


Some of them struggle with English. A lot. They’re also new, overwhelmed by everything, and with English not being their first language, it can be difficult to decide what to focus on. Imagine finding yourself on a forum in a language you barely speak, with lots of rules you have never heard of, and feeling lost and confused by it all.

Others have read somewhere that posting on the forum (possibly including creating tons of new topics) will help them get sales and become a TRS (community leadership part of the requirements), and they follow the advice blindly, because, again, they don’t understand English very well (some of them don’t bother to understand, either, they’ll just keep doing the same thing over and over again until someone stops them).

There are also the entitled ones. They think that the rules don’t apply to them (or, more likely, don’t even bother finding out whether there are rules), and just do what they want, because they believe it is their right (and that everyone should cater to their whims, or whatever).


That’s the thing, many of those duplicate topics don’t seem to be struggling with English :smiley: So I guess it’s more likely due to the entitled ones (love the name/title) :smiley:


Honestly, I never bother to read what´s on that blue thingy (hehehe). I manually search from the searching tool in the forum if the topic that I want to post has been posted by other posters before I make a thread. I think I have never made the same thread, but who knows. :grin:







It is surprising and I suspect @catwriter is right (as usual).
That said, I suspect the blue box of repetition is probably responsible for lots of the irrelevant ancient thread revivals too. When someone has started a post containing the word “Withdraw” and the box has told them that the post is similar to this post in 2011 called “I have withdrawal symptoms as my coffee machine is broken”.


I do read what’s in the blue box before I start a new thread but so far it has never had a previous thread that is the same as what I’m posting.


You’re already unique @misscrystal, no need for you to look at the blue box :heart: