Is it that difficult getting the first sales?


It’s really frustrating! With so much much time invested on my gigs so far as a new seller, no sales has rolled in so far. It crushes my heart and gives me thoughts of giving up. I need someone to pour water on my dryness. Guys, what am I not probably getting right? My gigs have had numerous views, clicks and high impression ratio but… no sales still.


You just need to wait for someone to give you a chance, excel at your service get a good review and more will start coming in.
It took me 3 months for someone to contact me. 4 for an order to be made. If it doesn’t happen in your first month, I wouldn’t give up. The thing I did honestly was stop coming on fiverr but maybe once a week and left my email notifications on, so I wasn’t expect anything of fiverr but one day a message appeared. It’s kind of random when it happens. Plus, you’re offering a very competitive gig. What makes yours stand out? What do you offer that others don’t? Rhetorical question but something for you to think about. (Not saying you don’t do good,because I wouldn’t know)


You have to wait. I also got my first sale after long time. But I will suggest you to share your gig on social networks also. I did the same and after some time I got my first sale.

Also live online for long time even you can use mobile app for this.


Just stay calm pal and be expecting your first click


It took me 3 months to get my first 3 orders!
You need to be extremely passionate and patience to get the sales coming in!
My secret to sales is:

  • Don’t oversale yourself
  • Be honest about what you will provide
  • Keep the right price - don’t sell something for $400 if other guys are offering it for $30!
  • Use as much features of Gigs as you can - videos, 3 packages, long descriptions, etc.
  • Google for “How to increase fiverr sales - read every article you find, and apply what you feel is applicable for you!”

Hope that helps!


Thank you for this! This is water to a thirsty soul.


Thank you for this. I’m grateful.


Hi, I am a level two Graphic Designer at fiverr and working for last year I have found that writing a good and detailed description of gig, that can be easily understandable by a buyer and assures them that they will get the best service from you what they exactly want. If you write or describe your service in such a way you will definitely get 2 to 3 orders in a week