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Is it the Sellers own discretion to cancel the gig

Hi fiverr Buyers,

I have a doubt, I have ordered a gig but the work which I got was of very poor quality so I requested for cancellation, then the seller responded saying
I have done my best job

so, I replied saying you have provided a faulty product

Then the seller responded saying I have done a worthful job of how much paid.

In that case how will fiverr solve it

Is it cancelled or not.

Will I get the refund?

Please help Thanks

If the seller declines your request for cancelation you won’t receive a refund. You can contact customer support for assistance and they can decide if your cancelation request will be approved. Best of luck.

i guess the best solution is to contact fiverr support
and next time contact the seller first and make sure that he can deliver your order in the way you want good luck