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Is it time for me to leave fiverr?


It was a going all great with Fiverr. I was getting orders, good feedbacks 98% response rate, and a 100% work completion rate. I worked hard to get promoted to level 1 seller, and the day arrived. I was promoted to level 1 seller. I was very happy that being a level 1 seller will certainly give me some perks. But everything went down from that day. My impressions went down and for the last two months, I only got 1 project organically. I see Fiverr is rotating gig and giving chance to everyone. But it has been two months for me and I don’t know how much more time it will take. I have done everything mentioned in the forums, Fiverr academy and everything that was suggested on youtube. Still, my impressions are not improving. I contacted customer care but got same copy paste answer all the time. So guys, please guide me how much more time it will take. It will be a great help.

Thanks in advance.


Please be patience, it’s a part of business. Some times up and some times down. You have to be ready for every situation.

Actually this month is same for almost every seller here, I have seen many sellers with the same situation.

The only thing that I will suggest you to keep using buyer request section, keep promoting your gigs and the most important is to be patient.

Hope this helps. :hugs:

Best of luck! :+1:


Thanks for your suggestion. Yes I will keep promoting myself. But 2 months is a lot of time.


Golden Words :raised_hands:


I know but keep in mind, promote and show off yourself or gigs to relevant places. Find people who need your service and find targeted audience.

@graphicdesignme Thanks :+1:


@starheadtech Never loose hope, have patience and keep on promoting yourself.

Your day will come soon and grab the opportunity as it comes.

All the best!


You’re web developer, so Fiverr should be just one of many sources to find clients. When you don’t have orders on Fiverr you should be working on other platforms. If you’re having a slow month then try to improve your portfolio, take courses and optimize your workflow.

You have years of experience so it should’t be that difficult. There are plenty of articles explaining what you can do. You did mention that you’ve done everything, but I highly doubt that.

I haven’t done most of the things suggested here because I simply don’t have time for it, but when I see an opening in my schedule I know there are plenty of things to do.


I should continue because you have the option “Portfolio”, this thing is only valid for TRS or PRO. Use this option to improve your skills.
You have 4-5 reviews at a GIG with a price between $ 100-300 over a month.
There are many who would like to get this monthly profit.
I think you have to go ahead. And my sales have dropped 80%, but I do not think I’m leaving the platform, thinking about how to get back.


This may be of interest to you: Getting Through the Sales Slump - UPYOUR


Here is another good article:


Totally nailed it. Being patient, keeping focus and stay motivated is just the key


One good idea is to update your gig’s description fully. New pictures, new description. Everything! It seems that gigs often get re-approved and indexed after editing them, which may be beneficial in your case. However, editing a gig when sales are good is a very bad idea, as the opposite can happen then.


Thanks for your kind suggestion, Sir. Well yeah, I know the Internet is flooded with articles on this issue. And yes I have done all things (as guided by fiverr ), and I am ranking on the 17th position of the first page. Also, Yes, I have different sources to find clients. But it is always good to look for more opportunities.


Yes, I recently updated my tags and gig images. It removes you from the search for minimum 24 hours.


This is a COMMON “trap” on fiverr. The majority of people come to fiverr believing that they are going to crush it. They start off getting a few sales and their optimism shoots through the roof. That makes it even more difficult when the reality check of the “Level 1” sets in. I’m 100% convinced that fiverr considers Level 1 as a test. They probably expect most people that reach level 1 to not make it. And that’s actually reasonable. The rigors of freelance work are not for everyone. Level 1 tests the commitment and to some extent, the service skills.
My number one tip to any new freelancer (especially on fiverr) is to know that it takes time. During that time, do what you can to help yourself. Study competition, learn a new skill, refine something that you currently offer, etc. Find some way to move yourself forward. Eventually, the sales will come if you have something to offer.

Yes, you will occasionally see a random seller just go through the roof with no explanation. It happens but it’s not common. Ignore that and do your best.

Do not get frustrated. Realign your expectations to long term.

Good luck



Thank you for the link. I will surely going to apply the tips mentioned there.


“Is it time for me to leave fiverr?”