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Is it True? Do Female Sellers Get More Sales On Fiverr?

When I read on the forums that males pretend to be females in order to get more sales was just wondering whether females do in fact get more sales than males on Fiverr.

I don’t think so. You will see so many TRS sellers that are male.

All these sellers that are pretending to be someone they are not aren’t very trustworthy.

I am not aware that gender has anything to do with someone’s success on fiverr.

Fiverr is not a dating site.

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I really don’t think so. I think their idea is that a young attractive female photo will attract the eye of a male buyer. That part is probably mildly true - many people stop for a moment and glance at a young attractive person.

I don’t think that the person who stops to look is more likely to buy from the person based on an attractive female picture unless the services being offered are related. There are only a few related services I can think of that don’t violate the Terms of Service, There might be occasions a woman would have an advantage in a Voiceover or Spokesperson gig if the buyer is looking for that.

On the contrary, a picture of a young attractive woman is more likely to keep a real buyer away. If you see someone with a picture of a 19 year old girl and it says she has a Master’s Degree in Graphic Arts and wants to sell you a logo, you’d probably know something is wrong unless you aren’t paying attention. There are certainly some exceptions, but overall the thinking is just inaccurate on a site like this. The same goes for people using celebrity photos. It doesn’t help. It’s a freelancing profile, not a TV commercial.

No, its a myth.
However, it is possible that some buyers will choose one gender over another for one reason or another. Some people believe one gender are more suited to certain gig than others.
I have deliberately chosen females for tasks a couple of times, simply because the task was to write about a product that was aimed at females and I wanted a different perspective than my own (as a male). I would not be tempted to order from an attractive seller specifically, although those I have used have been (in case you are reading :slight_smile: ). A female buyer could do the same for male oriented products.
I definitely prefer dealing with people who have a photo of themselves on their profile. It is a trust thing with me. If you put your image beside your work, you must be proud of it.

Yeah, whenever a buyer makes an order for articles on fashion, romance /women-related topics, I immediately offer a mutual cancellation and ask them to hire a female writer.

You are the romance king of the forum though!


I made more sales than Macys this month and I’m a woman!

(adjusted for scale)

35 Total Sellers on my list.
17 Male Sellers.
16 Female Sellers.
2 Can’t Tell