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Is it True Fiverr is Limiting buyer Request you have to Buy?

I am a new on Fiverr I read a forum Today Fiverr is not showing Gigs Analytics just because it’s updating its whole Algorithm and now the seller has to buy the " Buyer Request" just like Upwork and Freelancer.
If anyone has information Please Share.


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Nobody has to buy a buyer request.

The new feature is ads (promoted gigs) that is in beta and is being tried by some sellers (eg. TRS). So some sellers (those trying this new feature) have the option to promote their gig for a charge (have them displayed at a higher place in the search results as an ad).



Thank you for sharing this link. Though it is still in beta I am patiently awaiting this option. I was very successful on Etsy after I began promoting my offers, but Fiverr is much better for the services I offer.

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