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Is it true that all of your gig pics have to be same in order to level up to a level 2? [Resolved]


I read in a different part of this forum that you have to have the same pictures on all of your gigs to level up to a level 2 seller. Is this true? I’m confused because I am a level one seller and I am 90% of the way to becoming a level 2. So I don’t understand why that would be an issue at level 2 when it wasn’t at level 1.

Also it says you have to have excellent ratings and 50 sales in two months. What if I have excellent ratings, but did not acquire 50 sales within that two month period? Will I never be aloud to level up to level2 because I didn’t create 50 orders within the first 2 months?

Sheriff’s Note: Final resolution was determine to be: Gigs should have different images and not be stock images. You need to have 50 sales in any 2 consecutive months to attain level 2. See the Levels page for specific criteria.


Hi @krissyandej. I don’t see anything on the Levels page that say you need to have the same gig images on all your gigs. Although Fiverr does tweak things and I’m not always aware of the tweaks, it doesn’t sound likely since it wouldn’t make sense if you had very different gigs. So, I can’t give you a guarantee but I doubt that is true. It sure wasn’t when I made Level 2.

Now, I have heard that Fiverr now requires you to gain 50 sales in 2 consecutive months to attain Level 2 although I also am not 100% sure. It has actually said that on the levels page for a long time, but to my knowledge they didn’t enforce it for a long time. I’ve seen posts saying that they do enforce it now.

Even if that is true, though, it doesn’t say anything about those 2 months being the first 2 months on Fiverr. So, if you interpret it literally, it means that at some point you would need to complete 50 sales in a 60 day period. I would suggest asking Customer Support to be sure. If I get a definite confirmation on either of those topics, I’ll try to update here or add a post on it. If you get a definite answer from Customer Support, it would be great if you could paste the response in this thread, and it is not against the forum rules to quote Fiverr staff.


I have seen people who have stayed in fiverr for months past and it is recently there were given level 2 sellers,i do think that the specification here is for you to complete 50 orders before level 2 will be accorded it is not all about the two months period of stay.


Good question…I am wondering the same thing re: Level 2 prerequisites. I am trying however to make my gigs look a little more polished…I doubt that they will look identical, though.


Firstly, I don’t think its true that you need to have the same Gig picture to become a level 2 seller.

And yes, it is required that you deliver 50 orders in two months for becoming a Level 2 seller. This makes sense in my opinion because, if you are unable to sell 50 orders in 2 months as a L1 seller, then you won’t require the features of being a level 2 seller anyway - additional Gigs and extras etc. On the downside, you would be missing out on the perks of L2 seller such as better search position etc.

If you are keen on becoming a L2 seller, then the best option would be to add more unique Gigs and try to bump your sales a bit. Since you are already at 90%, it just takes a little extra effort to become L2.


As a level 2 seller myself, let me tell you that this is soooo NOT true.
You’ll reach level 2 when you meet the requirements. In fact, I think it’s for the best to have different images for each gig.



I read in a thread on this forum that having the same images on all of your gigs can actually cause your promotion to be delayed, but the most important thing to remember is that images have to belong to you- you cannot use stock images to which you do not own the copyright. If memory serves, it says so in the ToS.


Unless they have changed something, if you put the same image on all of your gigs, the gigs will be suspended until you change the images and the editorial team reviews it. Each image should be unique.


Thanks everyone! Some of my questions have definitely been answered. I will also contact support to get definitive answers. I will post here when I receives a message back from support.
Thank you everyone! :slight_smile:


Hi @krissyandej! :slight_smile: I just turned a level 2 seller a few days ago… and I started out last June. My gig photos are definitely not the same and I think I did have to comply with the 50 individual orders to reach the level. I hope my answer sheds some light on your concern. :slight_smile:


I used to have the same picture on all my gigs and then Fiverr asked me to change to different pictures. So no, you don’t need to have the same picture on each one and in fact, it is discouraged.


For clarification, I’ve re-opened this thread for update.

Regarding the “same images” question - Fiverr does not want you to have multiple gigs with the same image. You also should not have multiple gigs selling the same thing for any reason. Stock images are also not recommended at all.

Regarding the levels question, @krissyandej did contact CS and ask them about this. To quote @krissy: “after reviewing what support told me he did say it has to be consecutive. Doesn’t have to be the first two months, but he said that it has to be consecutive.” So:

As of August 2015 the Levels page is now correct on all the instructions for Level 2. You do need to have 50 sales in any 2 consecutive months in order to attain level 2. Here is the other thread on the topic:


Reply to @theratypist: but my question is does it have to be in the first two months or is it at anytime that you acquire 50 gigs in two months?


Reply to @writerlisaz: Exactly the same happened to me!


Reply to @krissyandej: oohh, sorry I missed that out. It’s when you acquire 50 individual orders within a span of 2 months, it doesn’t matter if it’s the first two months or how many months after. As long as you fulfilled it all within a span of 2 months. :slight_smile:


Reply to @theratypist: lol thank you. You have answered my question.I really do appreciate it. :slight_smile:


Reply to @writerlisaz: Thanks. I thought that sounded odd, but I wanted to make sur. Thank you.:slight_smile: