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Is it useful to respond to every client review?

Hello everyone,

I started working on fiverr in the beginning of this year and now i am level one seller. Still i think i am not fully aware of this platform how to get maximum benefits here, even don’t know the complete rules.

In the start i used to respond to every client review like saying thank you words. And those review that were given more detailed as compared to now. But with time i stopped responding to them. I was curious to know that is this useful to reply back to every client review? Does it leave any impact on my profile?

Kindly share your thoughts. Thank you.

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I always leave feedback but I rarely ever respond to a review.

I think I have said ‘Thank you. It was a pleasure working with you’ on a couple of occasions when the review was ultra gushy and positive about my work, and I once wrote a short statement responding to a scammer review.

But I don’t think it’s necessary to leave a response to every review, unless the review is bad and you can then leave your version of events.

Otherwise I think it makes you look like a bit of a robot. The buyer has left a review. You’ve left a review for them, so why then continue responding!?


Yes, you are absolutely right, saying thank you to every review wouldn’t be cool.

I always leave nice feedback too depending upon my experience working with the client, which have been always great expect few :slight_smile: A great and detail review automatically makes you to say thanks to the other person.

I think it is upto you to decide whether or not to reply to a review. I suggest you to do what your intuition says.

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Yes, my concern was that if it has something to do with my profile. Because i was reading a thread “how to respond about negative feedback” and in that everyone stated that it matters alot. So i thought may be these respond effect our profile somehow.

Actually, I feel the same. Previously i always respond to a review. Now i realized it’s quite unprofessional and more robotic.

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