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Is it usual for design companies to use free stock images from Google when doing logos/web banners?

Last order we made from a Fiverr seller was for a website header/banner.

Included in the design was a stock image from Google (one of the first ones to appear in the search engine - in this case for the phrase ‘book stack’). This concerned us as we’ve seen the same image used by a similar website to ours, which doesn’t look great fro business…

Is this a common occurrence?

We accept that for the price, we won’t be receiving masterpieces, but somehow it seems a touch disingenuous.

Any thoughts on the matter are appreciated :slight_smile:

Both your provider on Fiverr and your competitor’s graphics provider may be pulling licensed artwork from the same library. You may look to custom exclusive graphics to eliminate the issue. Google is only searching the web for graphics that are being using on websites.

I would explain to the provider that the image is already being used by a close competitor and see if they would replace it. Or you could submit an image for replacement.

It’s common as long as the image has a free for commercial use license. You don’t expect custom graphics, images or photos for such a price, do you? If you don’t like that particular one, just ask the seller to replace it.

However, it is unusual for logo design.