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Is it Violate fiverr rules

Hi, I am new in fiverr. I have a problem. buyer send me an order and I completed his order. buyer marked order is completed. now buyer want an update. if I update this order, is it Violate fiverr rules.


if he marked the order as complete, then your done with your project. order cant be update now. if your willing to make the changes then you can do it in the inbox.


Thanks for reply. if I send update using inbox is it Violate fiverr rules?

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No I dont think so it will violate Tos.

Maybe others can clarify this as well

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as you are saying your order is completed so you cant update or send him offer on that order, for update if you want to charge from him then you have to send him custom offer using inbox and it will not violate TOS.

Yes @hushamrafique1 is right. Also if you need to charge client of that update then you can ask the client to place a new order.


If the order was completed and the buyer wants extra work, just send him a custom offer.

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If you really want to help buyer without getting extra $$ than you are allowed to send updated work in buyer’s inbox, there is no issue.

If you want to charge extra $ for modification than simply send custom offer to buyer, That’s it, There is no violation of Tos in both case

Hope you understand