Is it wise to do this (recommended)?


So since my first gig started off decently and is getting quite a lot of views and sweet reviews, and I’ve published a new gig which is yet to be modified and is in its draft stage, I was wondering of promoting my gigs.

Now I had already mentioned earlier how terrible I am at marketing and promotion, and am not at all active in social medias and YouTube, and neither do I have any friends who would do this for me, so I searched if Fiverr offered these services instead, and as expected, there were quite a lot of services offered in this domain.

Now no matter how much I was tempted to go ahead and click the Order button, I thought of asking you buddies here first.
Is this advisable, and should I opt for these services, and will they have any sort of results which might hep me anyway?


@velocigraphtor Hey! Great question! I think it would help you out a lot. Sellers on Fiverr are pros and can really get you come buisness. By advertising you will get your name out there and potentially more customers coming your way. I say go for it!


I always wonder, out of all those sellers you checked out. Was there one with 100 or 200+ orders in queue? If someone offers a service to promote something they should first experiment it with their own gig.


Thank you @zoedesigns ! I’ll keep these in mind and hopefully I’l have the expected effect soon enough :slight_smile:
And @phantompower that’s exactly my point, and led me to doubt my decision. Thanks for the clarification! :slight_smile:



My dinosaur buddy. It would be best to set-up your own Instagram page and just use the right hashtag, tag pages that promote illustrations. In my opinion, Instagram is the most powerful tool for promoting gigs similar to yours, also YouTube might be an interesting thing to try with uploading some tutorials or just promoting your gig with some cool clickbait tags.


I’ve read many threads that those gigs have minimum effect on the sales.

Read through some old threads before spending your hard earned cash.


So basically doing your own promotion bears the sweetest fruits! :slight_smile:
I learnt a lot of things throughout life, guess I’ll learn to do this one as well. What’s the harm? :smiley: