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Is it worth complaining to CS? [follow up: Entire Gig was copied, even my branding on the video]

Hey just a quick question to my fellow Sellers.

I’ve seen this twice now with two different Sellers in two different locations.

An almost word for word, direct copy and paste of my gig descriptions.

In your opinion is this worth pursuing? Or should I just forget about it and consider it “imitation as flattery” etc?

Is it more trouble than it’s worth?

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Yes, tell customer support! Of course you should report it.


New sellers often get prime search exposure. Someone could steal your gig description and end up ranking better than you in the search.

In short, they get sales you should be getting. Of course, most sellers who steal gig descriptions are unable to count how many hands they have. However, if they deliver rubbish work to their clients, guess what? - Those buyers aren’t going to order from you next time if you are using the same gig description they got suckered in by last time.

Everyone who copies a gig description needs reporting, banning, and invoicing for damages.


100% yes. You don’t even need to open ticket with CS. On their profiles they have report button and you can report your stolen description threw it. And most likely they will remove their gig in a couple of days


I have seen the same thing a few day ago. Copy cat had a lot of reviews then the original one. It was very strange.


Thank you! I didn’t know there was a report button for that. That’s awesome! I made use of it this morning.

So here’s a follow up. Not only was the description copied, but my whole video was copied as well. Right down to my branding. My branding shows a link to my Fiverr Profile. :laughing:

I won’t show you theirs, but here’s mine:

You can see how my branding appears along the bottom and at the end. On their gig it’s very obvious they just captured/copied the whole video.


At least they made it easier for you to prove ownership :joy:


Here’s an update. That Seller has now created a 2nd Christmas Video with my same text and branded video.

This is getting ridiculous!


I’ve reported the same seller about 13~15 times before, it’s just a game of wack-a-mole from one point. You can go ahead and report them over and over again when you have the time, don’t stress over it too much. You have solid proof, CS will take care of it right away :wink:


Another Follow-Up Report:

The first copied gig appears to be gone.


One more and final update on this matter!

That Seller’s last exact duplicate of my Christmas Video gig has been removed.

Whew! That was such a weird and crazy experience.


As far as I know, there have even been people who have been dinged for “copyrighted images” when they tried to re-use images of their own that they’d used before … so there must be some kind of check in place.
But I’ve been copied countless times, worst of it, my bio, I really hated that. I mostly gave up even looking long ago, though, people who do that, often also have gig multiples, multiple accounts, fake accounts, the works, no qualms about just doing it on another account when they got told off on one, or even again on the same account. Perhaps it’s worth the effort now, though, since the introduction of phone and ID verification.

I read that Fiverr put writing Fiverr gigs for others on the list of “do not’s”, but I never asked support about it, so I don’t know for sure. Just saying, in case you want to check.


I thought so too. :thinking: I will not even proofread a seller’s gig anymore because I see it as a way to mislead the buyer’s understanding of the seller’s communication abilities which can lead to upset buyers and cancelled orders.


Well worth checking as I also believe it is not allowed.

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