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Is it worth it to have several gigs posted at once?


I am a new seller on Fiverr, and I would like to get a better idea at how many gigs other sellers may have posted at once. What seems to work for you? Let me know!



I’d say yes, but they need to target different niches and you have to have patience. I have gigs that I have created 6-months ago that only now are getting sales (and pretty lucrative sales.) However, I also have gigs that used to be my bread and butter gigs, that now are lucky if they get 1-sale a month.

A good strategy can be to create several gigs, see which sells the best, then funnel orders to that gig when people message you about other gigs that don’t usually sell as well.

The main thing is that you try to target specific markets (consumers) with each. This way, you both diversify what you offer, and can also put your feelers out for what is in demand/what industries are worth focusing your marketing efforts on.

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As a new seller you can create 7 different gig. So you can create several gig at a time…it’s no issues.

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