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Is it worth mentioning 'for cheap' in the title anymore?

Long before joining fiverr, I saw someone on youtube saying that adding things like ‘under 24 hours’ and ‘for cheap’ in your title can rank your gig for people who are looking for such services.

So I have mentioned it in my gig since the first day and haven’t got any messages or anything yet. Is this thing outdated or something? Although when I search something like ‘photography for cheap’ or ‘cheap renders’, I am ranking on top of the FIRST PAGE, without any filter. So should I keep it or get rid of it?


Any buyer who is looking for a ‘cheap’ service is a buyer I do not want. They will be bad news.


You seem to watch and listen to youtube advices.

Q: Are you aware of why do these video advices exist on youtube?
A: It increases channel watch time and those people get paid when you watch their videos. That’s it, nothing else.

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Let me direct you to the link

So many people believe in these videos. It is sad to see.

The only people who make money from these nonsense videos are the people who run such rubbish YouTube channels.

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My first gig had “cheaply and quickly” on the title, and yes, it was my best performing gig; but also as a result, I was receiving a multitude of ridiculously huge-in-scale and low-in-price message offers, even when my base gig price at the time was incredibly generous.

I’ve recently paused that gig even though it contains a majority of my reviews. I’ve readjusted my pricing and think my “cheaply and quickly” gig no longer properly fits with what I want to portray.

I saw someone on YouTube say that you are nuts.

I didn’t believe them.

The word “cheap” often indicates the level of quality that accompanies the project.

Saying “under 24 hours” indicates a rush job.

I wouldn’t hire anyone who would provide cheap, under 24-hour service for something I would require.

I hope this helps.

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well, I mean, it depends of what you think of your product. No professional in his right mind would do that, lest because of a youtube video, its really up to you

I don’t want people to approach me to get something cheap off of me. I do want to provide great value for the money my buyers spend, but I want them to choose me because I’m a good fit for their project.

So no, “cheap” is so belittling, and I wouldn’t want to advertise that.

Great value, great quality, great customer service, those are the things I want to provide. :smiley: