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Is it worth sending custom gigs?

I was wondering if I could have some advice. To keep loyal customers, or get customers returning, should you send them custom offers? If so, what period of time do you wait after their order.

Thank you!

What type of custom gigs? If you are talking about you will write a 10 page letter for $5, and $2 for each additional page…and if you get a repeat customer who does this a lot…I would say yes, offer a better deal for him…to show you appreciate his business, and as a sort of coupon…you could do it like “you did 10 jobs for me, I am offering you 1/2 off the next gig’s additional pages as my appreciation”. Otherwise, I am sorry, I don’t really understand your question

Reply to @kittyn: Thank you for your response! I am meaning gigs such as Instagram comments, if someone orders 1 gig, would it be a good idea to send a custom offer for more comments for cheaper, to show my appreciation of the customer?

I only send custom quotes to customers that inquire about needing help with a current project.

Hi @forrest8 -

I agree with @landongrace and his comment. Regardless of whether or not you have worked with a Buyer in the past, I wouldn’t send a custom offer out of the blue. This is something that feels “spammy” whether or not they’ve worked with you.

However, if you DO want to reach out to previous customers to see if they’d like to work with you again, I think there are perfectly decent ways to do this. I’d recommend sending a brief message to check in and say hello, and if they reply, you could politely ask if they’d like to use your services again.

This is a bit pushy, however - so I wouldn’t do this more than once.

Hope this helps!

Sending custom offers out of nothing seems just to look as a spam and leaving a feeling that you only want money from the people you send those messages to and not make them satisfied.

Reply to @forrest8: no, that sounds like spam and a way to not make money here on Fiverr if you just offer people something for less. Not all buyers are repeat customers.

Also, be sure to go read the rules on the Instagram website as most of the third party sites do not allow paid subscribers, likes, etc.

Agreed with other people here - I only offer custom orders to buyers who require a lot of work (so takes longer than 1 day) or something different to my gig - for example one of my existing clients wants me to do some writing for him, which takes longer than my standard gig.

Other than that I wouldn’t offer custom offers unless first agreed with the buyer - even then I give them the option to accept it or order from the gig page.