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Is Level 1 worth it?


This question is for those that have checked the rating block & been where us newbies are trying to go. Once we reach lvl 1 which we desperately hope to, is it worth the hype? Or better said, the work we put in to get there? A little inspiration might be nice right about now. Thx for comments.


I would say yes. I can see a big difference in my gig impressions between level 0, level 1 and level 2


It’s worth it for the fact that you can normally always see buyer requests when you’re at level 1. When I was at level 0 a while ago (and probably again soon due to a spam message I received) a lot of the time it doesn’t show buyer requests and they can disappear quite quickly.

It’s also worth it a bit for the added number of active gigs you can have, but it’s only 3 more (10). In the past I think there were 15 you could have.


Thx for the feedback - both are great reasons to keep on keep’n on. Assume you both found your sales increased as well (rise in impressions, more access to BR, etc)?


It did help to easily see the buyer requests and ability have more active gigs. Though I don’t think it really helped with sales, at least not recently. In terms of $ sales in the last year it was mostly to buyers who had bought previously I think, even though for other sales they mostly came from BR. Maybe I’m being too cautious and not sending enough offers to buyer requests as I used to. eg. on a lot of them we don’t really have full info about them.

What they could do is allow us to see the level we were on in the stats/analytics so we could easily see any correlations between level and sales or other stats. eg. monthly/weekly stats (eg. sales) and also showing the level we were on at the time.