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Is level 2 priority custom support actually true?

Hello guys this is my first time posting! So for the past 4 months I’ve been working so hard on fiverr and reached level 2 seller!! yaay. but I had a problem with one of my orders and I wanted it cancelled by customer support cause the seller was rude and I didn’t want it affecting my stats. I provided all the info and submit a ticket but 4 days now and no word from them… priority…customer…support. my friend who is a new seller gets responses way faster than this. whats going on ??


not really, i have raised a complain almost 15 days gone. No feedback yet. I am a level 2 seller

It seems being a new seller actually has more privileges wow. not once has my friend had to wait that long

probably, COVID-19 can be caused as they have less people on support

Yeah,it’s supposed to be … but from experience, not so much at the moment.

There have been some suggestions here on the forum that contacting CS from the profile drop down can attract their attention faster …

Thats what I did. What other way to contact them?

Their e-mail is

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