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Is Level 2 Upgradation is manually picked by fiverr team?

Im A level 1 Seller and I have crossed all the criteria to become level 2 seller. Is LEVEL 2 Is a automatic process or is it picked by Fiverr officials manually?

No its an automatic process. You’ll be promoted to Level 2 on evolution day.

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Thanks a lot akash. Today is evolution day and i didnt get the notification yet :disappointed:

You’ll get it by today. Congratulations to you on this achievement. May you achieve many more.

It’s evaluation not evolution.
Evolution is the process of monkey becoming a human (supposedly).


Well, it kinda makes your level 1 badge evolve into an more advanced number. :joy:

Speaking of, I’m happy they’re no longer sending the bait message “You’re eligible for TRS! We’ll send an update by tomorrow!” and then always “Just kidding, you’re staying level 2 still, haha!”

i am also waiting to get promotion today to level 2 :slight_smile: . I met criteria days ago & today is my Evaluation date to get promotion. Wish you all guys best of luck too who are waiting for promotion

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