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Is LinkedIn a good place to promote my gigs?

Hi! It’s been 4 days since I opened my new seller account and I was thinking if LinkedIn is a good place to promote my gigs. I also need suggestions on getting my first order. Thank you!


Honestly it depends, does your network know you as a freelancer or from working a normal 9-5 job? If your network does know you as a free lancer than yes Linkedin can be a goldmine to get prospective clients. That being said if your network doesn’t know you as a free lancer your post maybe conceived as spam. It really depends on your network.


I recently started promoting on LinkedIn. It has made a small difference but I believe there is a huge possibility in LinkedIn. My recommendation is a very key think on LinkedIn for people who own businesses. Because it helps in building trust. Also, Fiverr recommend to share your Gig on Linkedin.


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True. It depends on your networks. Once i got an order from linked-in even though i rarely online on there. Still, my favorite right now is twitter. With correct hashtag and click-bait image, you can get many impression — > Improve your gigs performance

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Thank you so much everyone!