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Is making a gig on giving reviews banned in Fiverr?

Someone was messaging me and asking me to give him a positive review on his business for $7. His first account where he messaged me got banned since I saw the “you can’t send the buyer a message”, and I think he got banned for that reason, and now he’s using another Fiverr account to send me a message.

Is it actually banned in Fiverr to pay people for testimonials?


@anotherone246 Of course, it’s fully against TOS.

Oh thank you for the reply, the buyer keeps messaging me on giving him a positive review on his business and is willing to pay me $10… if I block him, will it affect my response rate?

Yes, you can block him/his and it won’t affect your response rate.
You should report to that user.

How do I report? I couldn’t find the report button

it’s against Tos for asking a positive review and I think buying is also included :smiley:

It must be next to the message he sent to you or go to his profile. Next to the profile picture, you will see a report button.

Good thing I didn’t go by what the buyer said, he told me he’d pay me $10 to give him a positive review and he got his 1st account banned, now he’s messaging me with his 2nd account

Ohh thanks, I’ll report him for making multiple accounts and for buying a positive review

yet he haven’t learnt the lesson huh :smiley:

.As you are helping some to get fake reviews, It should be against fiverr’s rules.As you are helping some to get fake reviews