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Is May crazy-busy or what!?

@zeus777 thought up the title to this post. :laughing:

So it appears that I may have been right about the cancellations affecting my orders and it wasn’t just some “Fiverr hates April” PPC conspiracy.

But last month in April, I had 3 cancellations on my record, but only had 14 orders, of which a couple was given to me by other sellers.

In May so far, I have received 14 orders in 13 days and only have 1 cancellation still on my record to be expunged soon. I have also earned more with these 14 orders in May than the 14 in April.

So everything is going back to normal. Thankfully.

How about you guys? @ssj1236 @psychicbunny @fastcopywriter


Hey! So are you saying that Fiverr knows there is an issue with the cancellation? Because I just discovered ANOTHER issue which is affecting response rate that I was thinking about making a topic about.


I am fairly certain that each cancellation boots you down the search results. And even lowers the amount of times your gig is even visible in the results (My impressions and views dropped too during the same time). You can have a cancellation rate of 95% (like me in April), but have your gigs rarely show up in the search results.

What issue did you find for the response rate?

It is regarding a rule I found in the Response rate section of Fiverr’s TOS. Should I post it here or just make a topic? It is pretty straightforward and blunt, hope I don’t get introuble. But it is what I feel the truth is.


Maybe make a new topic, that way discussions don’t get too mangled in this one. I would like to hear about it :slight_smile:

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Hi @lucycodex, thanks for the @. What do you call that? When you write a person’s name and write the @?

My sales have been way better in May than April.

April Sales Average: $17.1333 a day
May Sales Average: $27.49

Days Without Sales April: 10
Days Without Sales May: 2

Cancellations April: 2
Cancellations May: 0

I don’t know if cancellations affects orders.

I think being in the first 4 rows of relevance is #1. Then again, I always wonder if I get the same search results as everyone else. When I search “brand names,” I’m on the first row. I don’t know if everyone gets that result as well.

How much did your order completion rate decreased with each cancellation? I find I lose 1% whenever I refund an order, and have to deliver 5 or 10 to go up by 1%.

I’ve also noticed that I was at 5.0 until a buyer gave me a 4.7. Now I’m at 4.8. I fear the next bad review will put me at 4.7.

I am glad our sales all seem to be increasing again. And I am not sure. I don’t even know if I am on the front page 100% of the time someone looks for my gig genre.

3 cancellations was 93%, 2 was 95%, and 1 is 98%.

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Hello Lucy, and thank you for using the title!
I feel very flattered and honored. :blush::blush:

I’m glad you are getting many orders, just don’t push yourself too much and
plz be sure to take a break every now and then! :coffee::doughnut:

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Wow, quite the opposite for me. It has been pretty slow the past 3 weeks and doesn’t seem to be picking up. Sending offers to buyer requests everyday but to no avail. Unlike when I just started on Fiverr.

So you had high numbers to begin with. I’m at 92%, It will take a long time to be at 100%. I think it’s an impossible quest. This month I haven’t had cancellations, but I don’t know how long that can last.

Yesterday a guy pays $20 for 5 slogans in 24 hours. I deliver but the guy was crazy, he wanted stuff like “Just Do It” that had nothing to do with his product. So my revision was 17 new slogans, 12 more than what he paid for. He gave me a 4.4 review and wrote “Very fast.” I could have requested a different review, but why bother? What if he ends up giving me 3 stars or 1 star? Better to take the blow. I was afraid my 4.8 would become a 4.7 thanks to him, but so far it hasn’t happened.

Yep, but unfortuantely it’s mostly return clients. Glad to see things are looking up for ya.

Nope, just don’t have a cancellation for 60 days and you should be back to 100%. That’s the way it’s for me.

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That’s the way it is for everyone, tbh.


Maybe it’s the magic of summer.

I only came off vacation mode at the beginning of May, and I have had to go back onto vacation mode now, because I am booked solid through the end of the month. May has been crazy busy for me - over half my income this month will be from Fiverr, which is pretty high for me.

Eight orders active right now, with a couple more likely to come - four of those are $500 plus… Yes, May has been good.

You really think so? Right now I have 9 cancellations for 60 days. I’ve never seen numbers improve overnight, don’t see how my 92% is going to become 100% tomorrow. In fact, why is it 60 days when the demotions/promotions happen on a monthly basis?

I guess to help users keep track of their stats in real time. I prefer this for that very reason.

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I wish they kept track of our sales as well.

If you have a cancellation today you’ll need to wait 60 days for the effects of the cancellation to subside. What date was your last cancellation?

Are you saying that the bar is reset each 60 day period so you are starting as if you didn’t have any? I thought I had this figured out but suddenly I’m confused again.
Each 60 day period is a new race. How strange that is now that I think about it.

So someone could go for three years without any cancellations, have everything perfect, and in one 60 day period get demoted, as if they never had a perfect record all those years? That’s just hard to imagine.

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