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Is Mentioning "Dark web" a violation in fiverr?

Due to some reason, I uttered “dark web” and “hacker” during the conversation with my buyer, and immediately Fiverr marked that message and tells
‘’ Your message is being reviewed by our Trust and Safety team due to a possible Terms of Service violation. This may take up to 24 hours.’’

Should I get banned?


It will probably depend on what you said in the message - if you were suggesting something against the law/the terms of service you could get your account in trouble. Otherwise it should be okay.


The context of the message should determine whether you get banned or not.

However, you’ve got to admit that the phrases “dark web” and “hacker” are ones that most average sellers would never mention.


The word ‘hacker’ leading to Fiverr’s warning/message, makes sense to me because theoretically the context could be a buyer asking, ‘can I hire you to hack X website?’

[Hello whoever is checking this comment to determine whether or not I’ve violated anything. I haven’t as you see]

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They just gave me a TOS. And warn me not to use these word further more. Everything is fine.
Thank you everyone for your precious comments.

Don’t talk another topic which is not relevant about this post. Otherwise you will get warning.

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Hmm, lot to learn about their term of services. Thanks by the way

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Did they warn you verbally by word, or actually gave you that real warning for violating TOS?

If this was a formal warning check this out: Don't do it! .... You Have Been Warned!

I see it is your birthday. Have a lovely day! :slightly_smiling_face:

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They sent me an email about the warning.

Thank you very much for noticing that. I got a B DAY gift from Fiverr :slight_smile:

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So if you got an actual TOS warning for it (not just a flagged post) and you didn’t actually do anything wrong (eg. because you have a gig about fixing a website if it’s been broken into and you were just talking about that) why don’t you contact CS about the warning and try and get it removed?


I already contacted them and I think it will take thousand years to come their response.

I already have experience about their “quick response”.

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A lot of different words can get a message flagged. Like if you mention the word “Pay”. And when I asked support about these forbidden words even in normal non-tos breaking context, they told me it’s better to not use them at all.

So if a buyer for example asks about payment methods, their message will be flagged. And if you respond that “You can view different payment methods when placing an order”, your message will get flagged as well.

But if you break the word that triggers it, like to “P ay” for example, you can avoid it, but look unprofessional to the buyer for your “bad” grammar.

Still, if your message does not break the tos despite having a flaggable word in it, no warning should occur.


Hmm, helpful. Thanks

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I have learnt a lot from here. Thanks everyone