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Is Mentioning Upwork a TOS Violation?


I received an order from a client to write a custom cover letter for the client to use in applying for a gig on the Upwork website. In reviewing the client’s request, I had some additional questions, which I sent in a message. My message to the client included the word “Upwork” and was flagged for review due to a violation of the TOS.

I quickly scanned through the TOS and was unable to find any specific reference to Upwork or to helping someone in this way. I’m not doing an Upwork job for them, I’m writing them a letter that they can then use to apply for work. The content of the letter is the same whether it’s used on Upwork or to apply at a traditional place of work.

Does this sound like a TOS violation? If so, can someone point me to the specific clause in the TOS that this violates?



Using the U word on Fiverr, on here, or mentioning any other frelancng site is against Fiverr’s ToS. I’m sure the other frelancng sites have similar restrictions on the use of the word ‘Fiverr’. :slightly_smiling_face:


I saw this on buyers request and my question is if really its a TOS Violation, how did it get approved?


I think it might only be an actual TOS violation if you were asking them to contact or pay you/use your services on some other site.

eg. from the TOS: “You may not offer Sellers to pay, or make payment using any method other than through the site.”

Just helping them apply for something should in theory be okay, though Fiverr may not really like it since it’s a competitor (and the word would automatically trigger a flag), but I don’t think it’s actually against the TOS.


I think this has already been discussed in several threads in the past… In my opinion, once a certain number of BRs get created, they are automatically put on the website in batches… It is only after they are already on display on the website that Fiverr goes about checking the BRs on display and removing those that are in violation of the ToS (at a later time). So, there is probably no “approval” process (despite Fiverr saying there is one)… just a “removal” process where the BRs that are in violation of the ToS get removed after a while… This is probably the reason why some BRs with attachments containing viruses/phishing links sneak past Fiverr and make it to the BR page.

It is in the time gap between when the BRs (which are violating the ToS) are displayed on the website and removed by Fiverr that Fiverr users are able to see them.


There is a check before the BR goes to the website as well. It’s probably automatic based on some keywords.
For example, one of my BR got rejected because it mentioned PayPal, but I was looking for a custom development to link PayPal with a shopping cart.


True… However, since (I am sure) quite a few BRs which are in violation of the ToS can slip past this automated bot check, Fiverr does a thorough manual check at a later time… Just to weed out the ones that slipped past the automated check.


I’m sure they do some checks after as well.
I was just pointing out that they do some kind of basic check before as well :slight_smile:


Gotcha! Makes sense. :slight_smile: Thanks for the clarification. :+1:t3:


It doesn’t have to be TOS violations. Fiverr simply flags messages for manual check based on some keywords.
I’ve had this quite a few times in messages when I mention S.kype, PayPal or even email. Usually it gets cleared in a couple of hours.