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Is messaging regular buyers about upcoming vacation considered spam?

I am planning a trip in August for my honeymoon. I will be out of town for over a week. I considered warning my regular buyers (those who order weekly) by sending a message out two weeks before we leave to let them know if there’s anything they need within the time I will be gone to please place their orders in advance. After thinking about this for a bit, I am concerned it may be considered SPAM. Can someone clarify if this is okay? I don’t want to pester my clients, but I don’t want them to have an urgent need and not be able to contact me either.

Buyers: Would you want a heads up from your sellers if they’d become unavailable for a week?

Sellers: What do you do to plan vacation time on Fiverr?

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I totally get why you would do this, and we’ve thought about it too, but ultimately didn’t, because we too were worried it would be considered spam.

What we’ve done in the past is to let our regular buyers know when they place orders with us, in the run-up to the vacation, and perhaps for those who are super regular, remind them a couple of times, but only ever when they’ve ordered. Just add it in at some point as an ‘Oh, by the way’…

It’s not fool-proof. We did this with a regular buyer last year… they replied saying they understood, “have a great time” etc, and still messaged us on day 3 of our trip because they wanted to place an order (I had my phone by the pool and had out of office on, but notifications for messages on too!).

I guess you could confirm by asking support? But honestly, I’ve had such mixed experiences with support these past couple of weeks, I’d be weary of trusting any permission you get back.

(Oh, and, enjoy your honeymoon!)


Thank you so much! I guess with as often as most of them message me, it could come up naturally in conversation. I will be throwing my phone in a canyon if I get work messages on my honeymoon.

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Congratulations, @ducktheunicorn - long life and happiness in your marriage!

Yeah - messaging buyers. I have clients in NY I’d like to know are still alive … but haven’t reached out because of TOS. Best be on the safe side and don’t …