Is Misleading Orders In Queue Allowed on Fiverr?


Something I’ve noticed with a particular gig is that it always has 17 orders in queue. (The seller is someone who offers gigs in driving traffic to your blog or website etc). What I found weird is that when I made an order, it was completed almost instantly. But those 17 orders still remain in queue and still remains. I suspect this is a scheme targeted at buyers who will generally see that you have a lot of orders, so they believe you are highly sought after and order that gig. Has anyone else noticed this? And is this allowed on Fiverr? or it’s not allowed but one of those things that make you look the other way?


It could be the other orders in the queue are for custom gigs which take longer, or packages which could also take longer?

I don’t think it’s anything to be worried about, nor do I think it’s any sort of scheme, but I could be wrong of course! :slightly_smiling_face:


This will happen when buyer place order and never fill requirements


Wrong. Imcomplete orders don’t count as orders in queue.


May be some of his buyers placed orders and didn’t provide instructions.


Orders in what a buyer has not provided order instructions do not show up as active orders, and, therefore, aren’t included within a gig queue. They are only added to the queue once the buyer information has been received, and the order time begins to count down.


Hello there.

It’s a kind of bug, It already happen even with my gig.

It seems to be related with cancelled orders. Some seems to bug and keep counting as active order. It’s basically just a visual bug, but it may impact in the buyer decision.

Fiverr support then “refreshed” my account (without I request for this), so it cleaned this bugged queue. BUT, when I asked to fiverr support do the same for other gigs in the same category, they said they weren’t allowed to do this.

anyway, it’s a visual bug, but I believe it impacts in the sales, and I’m almost sure it’s related with some cancelled orders bug.


Then what is place in queue .Queue if for incomplete Order .Not For Cancelled Orde


Do you know what incomplete order is? You don’t, do you?


Why don’t you explain it for him? :slightly_smiling_face:


You don’t, do you.I am not asking about canceled order I learn this thing in Jerry Banfield Course about Fiverr
If want to know more about it just watch and learn .One of my old friend and top rated seller tell about this problem
Kind regards


Incomplete orders are orders where the buyer just place the order but haven’t filled the requirements yet.


Thank you! :slightly_smiling_face: