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Is multiple different gigs make bad impression on clients?

Hello there.
I’m an engineer and a certified graphic designer, and gamer.
I’m new to fiverr so i wanted to know if creating multiple types of gigs make bad impression on clients because i did not get a single order till now. I want to know how to create more traffic to my gigs and if i create multiple types of gigs like designing,engineering and gaming. Will it be a bad thing to do or stick to a single type of gigs?
Please help


no.It will be better for you.

Nope. Sure, if you specialize in one category, it makes you look more professional. But if you are good at many different things, it’s not a bad idea at all to provide a variety of services. Then you would get visibility from multiple categories and search keywords, making sales much more likely.

If anything it’s the opposite. The more skills the better. I’m a graphic designer and have multiple gigs running as we speak. God know what I could’ve done if I was also an engineer.

I say try and make your portfolio as neat and self-explanatory as possible.