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Is my account a Buyer or Seller account?


Can someone verify what my account is?
If buyer, can I change my account from Buyer to Seller? Thanks.



Once you register to Fiverr you become a user. As user you can do both buying and selling services using the same account.

You just need to switch account in top nav to Buying or Selling if you want to buy or sell services and that’s it.

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Oh. Thank you for this. I managed to switch to seller account already. Thank you.

u are already registered with fiverr, so you can act like seller and buyer both
they allow you to do that

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@tanveer1975 That information has already been posted.

This has been answered!

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I always read the thread before a I chooses to post. Then I avoid looking like a :clown_face:

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Though you can switch to selling it seems like Fiverr doesn’t count the account as a seller account until a gig is created. eg. if you look at the page source for the profile it currently says ““is_seller”:false”.