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Is my account banned?

Hello, i just get temporary banned from fiverr and i think that because i am open fiverr tab too many.

Now i can open the domain.

But i try ask fiverr to know when i can open again.
Then this is get.

I didnt remember asking for buyer request for long time.

Am i get banned?
If yes why i still can open my account.


The email says you are permanently banned, therefore you are permanently banned. Why would Fiverr say that if it wasn’t true?

Can’t remember?

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According to your own side of story. It’s really a bad situation. First screenshot of your post shows “Temporarily Banned” the mail you got from fiverr shows “Permanently Banned”.
I don’t think fiverr will just banned you without any reason.

Maybe you’ve posted a request which is not allowed (as their mail stated). So sorry about your experience :disappointed_relieved:

I checked your account and I could’ve ordered any of your Gigs!


Not sure what you meant and what is going on, at least I was able to check your profile and it seems like all the gigs are available…??? :thinking:

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It already done.
It is from fiverr mistake


That mail from Millie mentions you made misuse of the BR section to advertise your Gig.

That sounds like when people make a BR that is really just an advert for their Gig instead of being a valid job. Nasty mean stuff. Did you do that?


fiverr mistake :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

The original screenshot shows “banned temporarily” and “number of requests you have made to this website has exceeded the rate limit”.
It doesn’t say “buyer requests”. It could be page requests (like you say, you opened too many tabs).
Though I would have expected it to just block the IP address if there were too many page requests but maybe not. Opening tabs too quickly can sometimes get the captcha thing.

If you haven’t posted a buyer request (in the buyer section) for a long time maybe what CS said is a mistake like suggested. You could contact them and say to them you haven’t posted one in a long time. You could also show them that screenshot of your “manage requests” page showing none.

If it’s too many page requests in a certain amount of time, could it be an auto-refresher was being used to appear always online or to get the latest buyer requests in the seller->buyer requests page?

But since the account shows okay on the main site, and assuming you can currently access it, maybe it was just a temporary thing (related to page requests?) and maybe Fiverr CS made a mistake in thinking it was buyer requests.

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I just checked your Account 'finnfirrior" And i can see your profile. how did you get back?