Is my buyer a TROLL?!


This morning I received an order for my gig "I will make a speed drawing video for artwork you separately order from me for $5"

Immediately after they ordered they messaged me…here is our conversation so far:


I ordered it where is it?


What do you mean? I’m sorry if the descriptions aren’t clear enough.


Where is my drawing speed video???


You have to order a drawing before I can make you one. It also has an estimated 10 days to deliver.

WHAT IS GOING ON? They can’t possibly be serious…


Maybe they thought ‘speed drawing’ meant ‘express’? Yikes.


I didn’t think of that. Either way, it still doesn’t make sense to me. They never even asked what they wanted drawn.


I got that the other day :o somebody complained, but what they ordered didn’t appear on my page :s was confusing! :smiley:



Reply to @ryangillam: So, they ordered something that you didn’t get alerted about?? That is not good!


Reply to @ryangillam:

was it an incomplete order that got complete details and then the buyer wondered what the progress of the order was?


Reply to @cust0mcr3ationz: Nope, it actually set the gig in motion 4 days ago, and it was ‘4 day delivery’ thing. When he commented on the gig he asked where it was, but on my page it didn’t tell me what he asked for at all! However, he had a screenshot which showed he did ask for something, it didn’t come up for some reason. Thankfully he gave me another 4 days to work it.


Reply to @bachas85: Not yet.


This also happens to me. Here’s my thought on why. When I’m doing voiceovers, radio commercials, they almost always include email address, phone numbers, etc. as a part of the script. So when a buyer puts up a script with words that look like we’re trying to contact each other outside Fivver – then Fiverr bots blocks that message. It has happened to me MORE than once. I’m dealing with it right now actually. Very frustrating.


Reply to @kiffinyjean: Wow, I had no idea this could happen.


I usually just bug the buyer, tell them this may be the problem, and to please send the instructions with an attachment… then I usually give them a little extra love with their project for the hassle. Which makes it a BIGGER hassle for the seller… but hey, what are you gonna do.