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Is my Fiverr Journey Over?

Hello! Before i start i already know that Sales Drought is normal and happens to everyone but my Drought is there for over an year now. Last year at this month i was having a good 60 Orders per month. But then my demise started and it went downhill to a part where Now its down to barely 4-5 per month.

I have tried so many things. Reducing my gig’s Prices, Updating my Gig’s Description, Changing Keyword, Optimizing SEO, Promoting on Social Media. But i can not seem to be driving traffic to my gigs.

Fiverr has always been 80% source of my income and now i am suffering. Any help? or Tips?

This may be helpful to you: Getting Through the Sales Slump - UPYOUR


Here are some tips I recommend:

Those tips are also helpful for old sellers! You may want to take some time to read them.

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