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Is my FIVERR username okay?

“Adobe Studio BD” is the name of my Fiverr account. I want to know, is it okay? Or there will be problems in the future. Can this name be used on social media? Let me know please.


It probably isn’t okay if you haven’t got permission from Adobe to use their (probably trademarked) name.


Thanks for your valuable reply. Now, what should I do? @uk1000

You could either ask for Adobe’s permission or speak to CS to try to get your username changed or ask if you can close the account and open a new one with a username that doesn’t include a trademark.

You could also check this page:


Thank you so much @uk1000 . Have a n i c e day!

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But what if someone’s name is Adobe? If I ever have a child, I might call them Adobe. It sounds cool and kind-of slightly German.

Sadly OP, if you use Adobe products, you can’t have a username with Adobe in it:

However, if your name is Adobe and you don’t offer services based on Adobe products, you will be fine.


Thanks a lot! @cyaxrex :cowboy_hat_face:

What if you work with adobe products and you happen to be named adobe? You can’t use your own name? Sounds weird.

It’s their rule. One can only wonder how many budding young creative people called Adobe have been disavowed from using their own names. :frowning:

I get it though. There is a Cyaxrex Freelance Writer website somewhere out there that has nothing to do with me. Some hack has simply set it up to (I guess) steal my customers should they search for me off Fiverr.

It starts with an innocent fellow called Adobe trying his hand at Photoshop and before you know it, the whole world is plunged into a bloody brand name brawl.

I made a mistake. I’m sorry. There is nothing else to do. @visualstudios Now, Your sympathy needs me. I won’t make such a mistake anymore. :disappointed_relieved:

But they don’t get to set rules on people’s names. They can’t forbid people from being called Adobe, and they can’t forbid those people from creating accounts with their names. That’s something they simply do not have the power or legitimacy to enforce. Doesn’t really matter what they say. (And yes, I know that in 99% of cases someone using the Adobe name on an account will be breaching their copyright, but that does not give them carte blanche to simply step on people’s rights to use their own names in general). If you are named Adobe, go for it, and if they go after you sue them heavily.

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If you work personally, this name is okay with the permission of adobe. If you have a team, and your team name is adobe_studio_bd, then it is absolutely okay. But it would be best to take permission from adboe.