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Is my Gig all right? Please see it

Today I create a new Gig. I do not know if everything is OK? Please anyone check my Gig and inform me.

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I love it! =) Love the featured video. Nice job!


Thank you so Much. Have any suggestion for batter work?

I would just give it time, wait for an order, and apply to buyer’s requests. I’m not experienced in your niche, so maybe others can give more pointers. I like it overall =)

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I read through it and noticed some grammar mistakes, and I checked your profile and noticed the same issue. It also mentions that you only speak conversational English, so I understand why your gig may have some issues with the writing. Regardless, it’s a bit off putting. I would find a way to fix that.

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Thank you for your comment. I will try to fix the grammar mistakes.

In the basic package “five munities” could be “five minutes”

In the gig video at 6 secs in it says “Corporation” - I don’t know if you mean corporate there - you say corporate later on.

In the description maybe change “Make videos from Pics and tittles.”.

In the profile:
In the skills section:
Maybe change “adobe ilustrator” (though it already has a skill for adobe illustrator. Maybe remove the first with 1 L).

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Your eyesight is very good. Now I am correcting everything. Thank you for pointing out my mistakes. It will alert me more in the future. Thank you so much again.

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It might also be because of the font Fiverr currently uses that doesn’t show the letter i very well. There’s posts about it on the forum. It also might not distinguish the capital I from the letter l well. They used to use a better font.