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IS My Gig available On line?

I am not sure if my Gig is available On line, if potential byers can see the word “Order” or “Continue”, tis green button. How can I be sure that this is visible or not.

can anyone assist?

Thank you so much.

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Just checked. It is fine.

First of all thank you for your time.
Very kind of you.
Does it gives the Option “Order” or “Continue” to buy the Gig?

Then people why the contact me and they don’t buy it? They ask me for my phone to contact me via Phone although I have explained them what I can offer to them.

The green button to order or continue is fine. People do that sometimes. Exchanging off Fiverr contact details is against the Terms of Service which you will find at them bottom of the Fiverr main page. Well worth a read as a violation can risk your account.

Thank you so much for your assistance.
I assume, it is better to send them my offer right?
Shall I give them more details ? Cause they keep asking me for my phone and What’s up and I definitely want to avoid that part… What about my e-mail, is that ok or not? I couldn’t find these details…too many info on the Terms…

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I see on gig in your account. :slight_smile:

Thank you so much. They are still sending me messages to give my phone to contact me but I assume that it is better to make an offer and send it to them. Maybe it is a spam by them as well. Since they don’t buy but make so many questions… and insist for my phone.

Tell them that contacting outside of fiverr is against TOS. Try to convince them ordering in fiverr.

To protect our users’ privacy, user identities are kept anonymous. Requesting or providing Email addresses, Skype/IM usernames, telephone numbers or any other personal contact details to communicate outside of Fiverr in order to circumvent or abuse the Fiverr messaging system or Fiverr platform is not permitted.

The above is from the Terms of Service.