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Is my gig bad? Why am I not getting orders?


I posted my first gig about a week ago and it hasn’t gotten any orders yet. Is the offer I chose not in high demand or is there something wrong with the presentation of my gig?


One week is not that long time so don’t worry. But I do check your gig and maybe you can do better with your description. Check many best seller gigs on Fiverr so you will know how to do.


Your profile description does not come across as professional. Using words like “really good” and “amateur” … and “some experience” will put many buyers off. Suggest you have a look at other profiles to see how this is completed but do not copy anyone. Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:


:one: Tip :bulb: Try adding more samples to showcase your work.
You can utilize a PDF as well!


I’d just create more gigs to increase the chance of orders and also post offers for relevant requests in the buyer requests section regularly.

For the Album Cover gig, I know it’s abstract but I think the example pic with the image of the dog might be better if it didn’t crop the end of the dog’s head like it does (ie. kept his nose & mouth in the shot).


On Fiverr it’s mostly up to the Seller to get people to visit your Gigs. There are some words of wisdom here in the forums, and also some bad and useless information, and some really good information that just doesn’t work for you or your goals. Best of luck!

@lloydsolutions I’ve seen much worse from Sellers who do brisk business. The word “amateur” is appropriate for art circles (in art it doesn’t denote lower quality, just a person with different end goals) but could be misinterpreted in a non-art, business setting such as Fiverr, so I do agree with you on that for this setting. The rest of the profile says to me “hi, I’m new, and here’s an explanation of why my prices start at $5,” but that’s just me. It kind of depends on what the marketing plan will be. It might work great with the “I don’t just want a Seller, I want a friend too!” crowd. It is personable and honest. Honesty can be a marketing tool too.


Hope so you will get orders soon. But think I am at fiverr from month and half, but not getting any order.


same problem i have huge impression in my gig but i am not getting order till now plz help what i did wrong.


I am also not getting order some one please help me


If you want help you need to make your own post under the category Improve My Gig.


If you need help you need to make your own post under the category Improve My Gig.


I create my account at 3/2017 and create a gig but didn’t put enough effort into it. In December, I came back and after reading a lot of topics about “how to improve my gig” in Fiverr’s forum, I rewrote my gigs description, my information, chose other tags for my gigs, created more gigs. 1 month later I have my first orders.
Just want to share my story. Hope you’ll get your first soon.

P/s: I think you should rewrite your gig’s description, put more information about you and what you can do for your customers.


Thanks for sugesstions and sharing story. I will try to improve my GIGS description.


You have not distributed your gigs to where people want to buy your gigs.

Think like a buyer


You need to be more patient, i had waiting almost a year for first order, nowdays i get orders daily