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Is my gig description is perfect?

Please if you guide me my gig description is best for selling or not? Because my gig is not showing g in any search result as I check by searching different keywords to several pages.
I am very thankful if you guide me.


Unlimited Revisions

100% quality and satisfaction are guaranteed in my work.

No -

I not understand brother? if you give me a little time to answer more. Thanks

I am not your brother.

i am sorry :frowning:

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Never answer anybody that way!

No brother, Dear, sir, ma’am!

It’s insulting!

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To your gigs.

I wouldn’t recommend that you offer unlimited revisions. I would also delete the phrase “100% quality and satisfaction are guaranteed in my work.”


OK OK. next time i care. Thank u for your good guidance

OK i will make these changes. rest all you think good?

“I am a designer or Aws Professional Certified developer with 07 years of market experience.”

Why 07 years? Why not 7 years?

07 looks kinda stupid.

OK. i have removed unlimited revision or 100% quality line. Let me correct this also.

This one also correct now. Thanks for our help. :slight_smile:

Use some unique service not similar to other seller…

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