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Is my gig featured?

I sent a ticket in about something else, and they said my gig was featured. They insist it is featured right now. I don’t see it featured. How can I tell? (note: if I am featured, that is disappointing as I am still not making sales!)

I just looked for it and did not see it featured under your categories. It is possible it was only featured for an hour to two.

Apparently, the new staff member misinformed me. Bob got back to me and said I wasn’t featured.

He said I have a chance to get my TRS back and be featured. I laughed. I have been writing here for four years and not been featured once. People with 20-30 reviews and the same offer as me have been featured.

I like your new picture!

That unibomber look is sure to stimulate sales

It created one sale. So, that is one more than I have had in weeks.