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Is my gig good or bad

Some one Please check my gig.Someone told me from this forum to improve and change gig picture after that i change my 2 business card gig.So Please check my gig and help me

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I would use a different profile picture. The one you’re currently using is from a strange angle and isn’t super flattering.

Also, I would remove the gig video entirely. The text-to-speech software that you use is a bit unsettling, and you could just as easily display samples without using a video.

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Thank you for your reply.may i change my profile picture?
After this video…
in fiverr community most people say video is important for gig that why i did this.If i remove video is that good for my gig or bad? Or i should change video

Of course you can change your picture. That’s on you, not me.

I don’t think that “most people” is a reputable source when you’re considering something like whether or not to use a video. A bad video can hurt your gig more than no video. Unless you’re offering some kind of video services, it’s definitely not necessary to have a video.


Again thank you.My last question Leave this video Tell me about my gig picture is that ok or not?

It seems okay, although the designs are not really to my personal taste.

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somaginer1996 Thank for check my gig and i request you to check my gig again i wan’t to know your fedback about my gig.after your reply i modify this and still working to modify again and again for better look.hope you understand my request