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Is my gig is good or not please guide me

Please check and guide me my gig is good or not please review .

The gig is good, though:

Your gig image says “Brand your bueiness
and “Promote your buisness…”

Your description says “secrete” instead of “secret”.
It also says “Positing will be manual”. Do you mean “Posting” there?

Instead of “please don’t feel hesitate…” you could say “please don’t hesitate…”

Thank you for your comments. can I edit of these at this moment.

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Gigs can be edited at any time. Though I wouldn’t edit too often as I think they might disappear from search for a bit until changes are checked by Fiverr.

I’d also probably change the “All post will be lived” bit in the gig image.

Now my gig has to 6 page at this time can i change the gig banner?

Yes you’re allowed to change it. Whether it will stay in the same position/page in search results after the change I don’t know. I think it will be better in the long run if it’s as accurate as possible though.