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Is My Gig Made Good Or Just Poor , Give Me Suggestions To Improve

Here Is My Gig Made In 2 Hours , Just Scraped Guidelines All Over Fiverr Forums And Made By Gig By These Guidelines Plz Give me More Suggestions How to Improve More . :slight_smile:
Here The Link :

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If I were you I would do the following:

  1. Clarify the title. Some people may not know what Da Cf Tf and Pa means. I don’t! :wink:
  2. Work on the grammar of the title. I personally would change it to “I Will Create 100 Unique Domains With High Authority Backlinks” That is concise and to the point
  3. Bio Change! It’s a bit grammatically inaccurate, and hard to understand. I’d make it a bit more professional too.

pretty much it! great gig cover :slight_smile: best wishes!

Hey Thanks Brena_n For Collaborations , I Will Make Changes As Possibles , Editing Gigs Affect Gig Ranking Or Not ?

I don’t know. i’m new to fiverr. also i see you always capitalize every word. Remember all words except the first in a sentence should be lowercase!! I think just running by your grammar will work in your favor :slight_smile:

@brenna_n has already highlighted all the points, I would like to highlight just one more
At the end of your gig description I am seeing to bullets after which nothing is written, remove that
And FAQs already mean Frequently asked Questions, You do not need to put a " Q- " in front of every question
I can see only 2 tags, add all 5 and if possible add a video describing your services as videos upsell more