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Is my gig ok? Or is there something wrong?

Can anyone please check if my gig is ok?


It’s “responsive”, not “respnsive”.

Also, you should write your own gig description from scratch, in your own words, not steal parts of it from others (which is obvious because your profile and gig descriptions don’t match). If it’s obvious that you’ve copied some parts of your gig description from others, potential buyers might question your honesty, and choose someone else.


Wow, buddy… all of your sample images are stolen from the internet. All of them.

Since you’ve stolen part of your description, as @catwriter noted, and I can clearly find your exact gig images in a Google search, I just don’t see you being successful here on Fiverr. You’re just not ready for people to take you seriously. Good sellers do not steal and lie on their gigs.