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Is my Gig okay or is something missing?


I made my Gig a long time ago and I just updated it completely and I would like to know if it needs something and if it needs to improve the tags and I would also like you to tell me if it is attractive for buyers. Here’s my Gig’s link:


Hi, Samuel!

I would suggest changing gig description a bit. Your English is good, but there is an obvious gap in expression all non-natives suffer (I’m in that group too)- using the slang and phrases. For example, English natives rarely say “economic price”, more often you’ll hear something like “reasonable price”, or “affordable price”. As someone once said “The devil is in the details”. My suggestion is to make your descriptions sound more English.

Also if you don’t have a hundred years of experience in the area, don’t mention it, just say something vague like… years of experience… :slight_smile:

I would try something like this:

Years of experience in video editing and graphical design are the guarantee of the quality I deliver. Whether you need just a quick fix for your videos and photos, or a long-term business relationship, I’m the guy for the job. My goal is to deliver high-quality, professionally generated content at a reasonable price. Feel free to contact me if you need any additional info.

I hope to hear from you soon!
Samuel Aaron


The truth is that I really liked your help, I will take it into account and put it into practice right now!


Hey! Can I use that description for my Gig or at least get some guidance from her?


Yes, of course you can use it :slight_smile:


I appreciate all the help you’ve given me! Really, THANK YOU!


Nice looking gig you have there. I hope it will help you earn the success you want. :slight_smile:

If I may come with an advice, where is the video showing your video making skills? Good grammar can get you so far with a video creating gig. Show us something beautiful that you created :+1:

Also, I don’t think the tags

hd video youtube profesional fastest economics

describe your gig in the best way. You should reconsider them.


My video was under review, but it’s ready! You can come in and watch it if you want to… :sunglasses:


That’s why I’m asking for help, because I don’t know how to use the tags. :frowning_face:


You don’t have to know. All you have to do is check the bestselling gigs like yours and see what tags are most often used.

From my research, some suggestions would be: video editing, video animation, video creator, intro, ads

Nice video btw :+1::grinning:


its perfect waiting for order


Thank you very much to everyone who helped me or commented on this post! :wink: