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Is my gig overpriced?


I’m offering to promote Instagram profiles in my large network, but it feels like nobody is even seeing my gig on search, let alone ordering.

My gig is here:

Tell me honestly, am I overpriced or something? I’ve checked the competition and they are offering similar prices. For the amount of work I’ll need to do per promotional campaign to meet my guarantees, I feel like it isn’t overpriced, but I’m not sure.

What do you guys think?


Firstly, yes you are massively overpriced for what you offer.
Secondly, the service you offer is not allowed on Fiverr.


Hi there, thanks for replying.

Is it really not allowed? But I’ve seen other sellers offer to promote Instagram profiles too. Do you think I should remove the guarantee of followers or something?

I appreciate the help.


Selling followers is simply not allowed as it is against Instagram rules.
If others do it then they just havent been caught yet.
Note that you won’t see any of those gigs with very many reviews.

If you offer genuine Insta account management then sure, change it up and explain what you actually do. If you just resell the cheap and nasty “followers” that some sites offer then I suggest removing the gig before it is removed and you get an account warning/ban.


Hi there, thanks for replying again.

I’ll change it up, I can see now where it might come across as me selling fake followers instead of promotion.

Incidentally, do you have an opinion on what a good price for my gig would be?

Thanks for the help!


If you are offering a genuine management service then you need to set a price yourself based on what you actually do. Do you create content? How do you develop the profile? Do you research the target market? How? How do you report on the work you have done? What do you count as results of your service etc.

If you do the follow/unfollow method to gain followers then I suggest $1-3/hour as a price. There is software/scripts out there that can do this automatically so anything more than that would be silly pricing.


Okay, I’ll reconsider the pricing of my methods and change it up accordingly.

Thank you very much for your help! I really appreciate it!