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Is my Gig perfect? 🇧🇩

Hi All!
I just created a Gig under ‘Business Name and Slogans’!
Is it perfect?


Kindly Guide me.


I find your gig attractive. But you need to change background of your gig image.

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Oww! Thanks man for your excellent opinion! :+1::+1:

It’s good, though you offer less revisions in the standard & premium packages than in the basic package.

Maybe there’s a bit too much text in bold in the gig description or it could be formatted in a better way.

Maybe “Are you looking for exciting, cool or unique Name for your Startup…” could be “Are you looking for an exciting, cool or unique Name for your Startup…” (without the bold).

I’m not sure it’s a good idea to include the numerology test in the gig. That’s probably more related to the “Astrology & Readings” section than the “Business Names & Slogans” section.


Background does not look good. Thanks.

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Wah!! Excellent feedback!! I must follow!! Thanks Sir!! :blush::blush:

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