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Is my gig rating will effected if order cancelled automatic

hi guys

someone asked me to do somethng i didnt offer i sent him manual cancellation request but he didnt accept it if the order cancelled automatic now will gig rating will be effected?

please help

you should read fiverr TOC carefully and how things really work. It’s all well explained in there. Just check it out plus there is tons of other information that you could benefit from.

happy holidays

If it is an automatic cancellation it affects your cancellation rate. If it is a mutual cancellation is does not affect it.

It will not affect your rating at all.

All the best :slight_smile:

Incorrect. As @misscrystal said above, automatic cancellations WILL affect cancellation ratings (which have an effect on overall seller ratings). Mutual cancellations have no effect on any ratings whatsoever.

Mutual cancellations won’t, blessings!