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Is my gig worth five dollars?

So my gig is here and I want to know if it looks good or not. I wanna practice my writing skills, and thought I might as well make some people (and my underfed wallet) happy! Please leave some constructive criticism, and maybe order a gig :wink:

I think it looks good. Do some social media promotion as well. Join Fiverr on both Facebook and Twitter and post your gig with hashtags and links. The more self-promotion you do the more results you can see.

Good luck on Fiverr!

Thanks for the feedback. I was thinking of making it 1,500 words.

Does that sound better?

  1. Do NOT self-promote on the Forum.

    You did well, only posting this in the New Gigs area.

  2. Read all the FAQs and more importantly, read lots of threads here on the Forum.

    There are Many Generous successful Sellers, posting GREAT tips here for new Sellers!


  3. Your Gig looks good; however the description is… anemic?

    Listen to your first few Buyers, and then answer the key questions they have by expanding your Gig description.

  4. Most Sellers recommend including a video in your Gig description.

  5. Many Sellers are making good money writing - but not fantasy stories (like you).

    That’s Good… because it means your Gig might be unique. (So anybody who wants that kinda stuff, MUST come to you!)

    But how are they making good money? By writing ARTICLES. Especially articles for SEO.

    And since the standard for those is 500 words… while you are willing to write 1000 words… you could easily compete. So you might consider adding a 2nd gig offering this.

    Just some suggestions, off the top of my head.

    Hope they help you. :slight_smile:


Reply to @regency85: Thanks for the comment. I thought this was the place to put an advert, sorry. :slight_smile:

Also, thanks for the tips. I have also seen featured articles, I will try that. Thank you for not like, bringing down the hammer for me advertising. I’ve seen people get it on other parts of the forum, but as I said, I thought you advertised here.


Bigmish :slight_smile:

Reply to @bigmish: You DO advertise here!

Read my #1 IN FULL: “You did well, only posting this in the New Gigs area.”