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Is my gig wrong

i dont get any order for last 1 month can you guys look and tell is there any way i can improve my gig to get more orders , your advice will be great for me

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  1. Cartoon. You say you will create a cartoon image from a photo. No examples. Bland gig logo that lacks any creativity. Very poor description of what the gig involves. No one is likely to buy this as they can’t see what they will receive for their money.

  2. Data Scraping. It’s fine, but one of thousands of similar gigs.

  3. PDF. Also fine, but again it’s one of thousands of similar gigs.

  4. 50,000 articles for $5. I don’t know what to think. Who wants to buy 50,000 eBooks and articles that are already available for free on the internet?

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thanks for the advice , will change and edit the gig shortly

Apart from the cartoon one, your gigs are fine. People do need to see examples of your creative work, and if you can describe the service better that will help.


In the articles gig, your gig title says “50k” (ie. 50,000) but your gig description says “500000 articles” (ie. 500,000 not 50,000). So one doesn’t seem correct.

Also your data scraping gig says “scrapping” not “scraping” in the title. It also says “marketting” in the title instead of “marketing”.


The others pretty much already said most of the things you could improve. I think in general you should put a little more effort into the images you are using. They are a pretty big part of what the users see first of your gig when they are browsing search results. So, make them as good as you possibly can and compare with similar gigs - how can you stand out? It only needs to be a little bit, but the potential customer has to see a difference to the other gigs for you to stand out.

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