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Is my gigs looks ok?


Hi, i’m ruruu and i’m new here.
recently i open 3 gigs here at fiver, i’m getting some impression and a bit click and view too but no sales. But it’s ok i know getting sale isn’t that easy. what i want to ask is my gigs look ok ? i affraid there’s some mistake i did somewhere because i’m not familiar with it.

i hope you can help me, thank you

here’s the link to my profile :


Hi. I checked out your profile & gigs. Seems good, but be aware of the importance of correct grammar.
For example you have sentences starting with a word that is in small letters instead of big letters.
Spelling mistakes like “profide”, etc
Some buyers may not bother about all that, but some do actually.
For example, I am more of a buyer here at Fiverr and if I see grammar mistakes, etc, it partially influences my confidence in the seller. Once again this is respective to individual people.
But, the ideal way is to have it all in correct grammar, spelling, etc.
That is 1 observation and hope it helps you.


Remove the instagram link from your introduction. External links are not allowed by fiverr AFAIK. Better add your best samples in the gig gallery.

2017-11-16 09_23_57-Make cute chibi in anime style for you by Rururun

You don’t have to mention this in your gig since you already have that added in the extras.

If you going to resell my art / going to multiply it (making it to print keychain etc) please buy the “commercial use” extra


External links are allowed in gigs , if approved by Fiverr, as per Fiverr TOS


Yes in the gigs, but not in introduction. I was asked to remove my website link from my profile’s about section.


Yes, that is right. I knew you were referring to introduction. In some seller profiles, I have seen external links in introductions as well and I guess Fiverr may have approved them on an individual basis based on genuinity, relevance & autenticity.


this will be the hardest part i’m quite aware of the grammar i use might be wrong, i will make sure to cross check next time this will be a challenge for me.

thank you for the input i really appreciate it.


faisalmuhammad has given some nice suggestions.


Thank you for the input, i will remove it right away. ^ ^


@logoeasy I dont know why but Fiverr removed the underscore from my user name on this forum. I am a seller, here is my profile:

I have given the suggestions based on my experience :slight_smile:


I can see that in your Fiverr profile there is an underscore mentioned. However just by typing I could get to your profile. Perpahs (not sure), it may be some universal technical thing where, if an underscore is there at an end and if an underscore at the end is omitted, in such a case, then the “end result” is the same ?
I am not too much of a techie person, but it may be that ?


That’s not me: , this is some else’s profile - from Indonesia. I am located in Germany and my profile name has an underscore at the end.

No kit cannot be omitted automatically. I’ll ask fiverr to add underscore in my forum profile name, or let me know how I can change it here.


Hey, you are right. Thank you.