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Is my gigs searchable or not?


how can i know that my gigs appear to buyers in the search results ?


I think tags are important.


these are the GIGS am asking about the tags are good too i think


You have to promote your gigs on social media. especially Twitter, facebook and Youtube.


I think we should check impression and views to track that.


Share your gigs in different social media platforms, Like Facebook, twitter etc. If you want to check your gig ranking just type your gig title in the search and you can see whether your gig is appearing in the search results or not.


I got first page on all of mine for Website Critique and Website Review, but that is only after fine tuning my tags for almost 3 hours…

Do your tags, then look and see where you are, change them, then look and see where you are, repeat as needed.

As well as keywords in your description.

So like mine says “included in your website review is a unique website critique you won’t find anywhere else”

See what I did there?


I know tags are supposed to help, but when I search by my tag terms, my gig doesn’t show up.
The only thing that will bring it up is if I search using a few terms in my title.

I have found through this method, that you definitely want a direct and descriptive title.


Trust me, the script reads everything.
Every. Thing.

This entire site is a WordPress custom plugin. WP at it’s heart is designed to be spidered by Google.

I have even modified the gig description in pay block and description pay block.

It all matters.


i modified some words in the description and some tags too and seems it works one of my gigs become in the first page of the search by using 3 out of 5 of the tags or by title


Search using keyword that you used in your gig. If you see your gig in search results then this is also visible to buyers


Thanks for the advice but will it help in fiverr search?