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Is my level2 account back after 60 days left?

I was level2 seller. Last month one of client cancel order so order rate was about 83.
Due to evaluation on 15-sept, level2 badge removed from CS.

i have completed 2-3 orders so order rate about 86,87 and now with passage of time order rate decrease and right now its 83.

Now next evaluation on 15-oct, so my question is can i get my level2 back after 60days left???
Because i m worried and i m not getting orders, its my family income :frowning:


Hy Ashu776, dont worry, have you read This Article ? If yes then you must have your answer with in yourself. Thanks

If you look at the article that @ahsan_n noted, you will see your order completion rate must be 90% to get your level 2 account back.

Since you need 90% in the last 60 days, you need to complete nine orders against per one cancel.

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In addition to what everyone else said, if you can’t manage to get your order completion rate up, you will be demoted once again on October 15.


Thanks again for all response, but i am not getting orders, also sending buyer request but no response, thats why i am worried :frowning: