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Is my pictures are good?

hello, i changed pictures on my gig give me your opinion

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The pics are okay. This gig might not work well here, but you never know. I’m not sure if Fiverr allows gigs related to vaping either, but I’ve never checked.

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In your gig, you note that you will help people you encourage to vape to find the best store to get supplies. How are are you going to do that? Surely someone in Europe isn’t going come to what, based upon your gig picture, is, I assume, your local vaping shop in your native country (Algeria based upon your Fiverr profile). How are you planning to deliver the services you claim?

While your images seem to be okay, how are you going to reasonably deliver the services that you offer? Perhaps it might be wise to give some more thought to the practicality of your vaping services. Fiverr might not be the right place to offer those kinds of services.

EDIT: To be completely honest, is seems like you’re trying to use a Fiverr gig to drive traffic into your vaping shop. That’s not going to work here on Fiverr.

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You offer advice for $10,- that can be found everywhere for free. Everybody can just walk into a local vape store and ask the clerk behind the desk for advice. I guess you chose the wrong platform for this.


No sure i’am not driving traffic to my shop because i’am just a seller and i used the picture to buyer trust me more thats all